Media Conference Hong Kong

I’m participating today in a very interesting new media conference at the University of Hong Kong.  Something tells me this might even be more relevant to my sinology, although less full of hipsters and cyborgs, than the Transmediale conference I attended this spring in Berlin.

You can follow livefeeds or watch video of the conference here.  My favorite part so far was my Q and A with CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout, who is a formidable international news anchor in Hong Kong, but there are many other highlights as well, including considered thoughts on “netizen” culture and nationalism by the indubitable Kaiser Kuo.  And Akiko Fujita was most impressive as well, particularly in describing her work near Fukushima as the sole ABC reporter in Tokyo when the quake/tsunami hit:

ABC Tokyo Bureau Chief Akiko Fujita, with microphone, Reflecting on Japanese Ersatz Burials and the Future of Japan after Fukushima, at the University of Hong Kong, today; photo courtesy Journalism and Media Studies Centre, UHK

Typhoons are on the way, and the North Korean border looms, though distant.  加油!


    1. Am trying to do so, good sir! Cyborgs in Berlin…hmm, how should I answer that? Much longer story which involves people who write science fiction, off topic!

  1. Hello , the Cyborg is near the snow mountain now. which was arround 海拔3400米 here.

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