Month: June 2011

Lux Sinica: China’s Civilizing Influence in North Korea

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Cultural Politics / East Asian modernity / Huanqiu Shibao / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations / Yanbian

It takes more than a few days, or perhaps a few weeks, to sift through all the reports, speculation, and rumors surrounding Kim Jong Il’s “new deal” with China.  At the end of the day, though, it seems that a single question aids in interpreting the phenomenon: To what extent has Kim Jong Il’s visit to China spurred the North Korean regime to embrace even the appearance of a reformist direction?  In other words, is […]

Scoping North Korea’s Emerging Trade Zones with China

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Manchuria / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Leaving the thrall of Hong Kong behind (and not even by boat!), I’ll be moving up into Dalian and the Liaodong peninsula for the next several days.  Not being a wealthy Chinese investor with a Hummer in Changchun, there’s no way I can make it to distant Rason, but I will certainly be spending some good time checking things out in Dandong and near the border trade zone which the North Koreans and the Chinese […]

Media Conference Hong Kong

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I’m participating today in a very interesting new media conference at the University of Hong Kong.  Something tells me this might even be more relevant to my sinology, although less full of hipsters and cyborgs, than the Transmediale conference I attended this spring in Berlin. You can follow livefeeds or watch video of the conference here.  My favorite part so far was my Q and A with CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout, who is a formidable […]

33 Questions on The History of Modern Tibet

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American Foreign Policy / Chinese communist party / Cultural Politics / Tibet

Here on Sinologistical Violoncellist, the subject of Tibet seems to be coming up with greater frequency, as it ought to.  After all, the Dalai Lama remains floating through the universe (and the halls of Congress, Richard Gere in tow) dropping rhetorical bombs on Beijing, and Zhongnanhai makes no bones about shutting off all avenues of dialog with the 14th reincarnation. And thus, apropos of well, this, allow me to state that people who have not […]

On Sino-North Korea Relations: Three Reads

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North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Stephan Haggard, “China Trip Roundup: The Security Dimension,” Witness to Transformation (PIIE Blog), 2 June 2011, Sokeel Park, “The Domestic Imperative in China’s North Korea Policy,” Sinocentric (East Asia Blog), 28 May 2011, Chris Green, “An Anti-Reform Marriage of Convenience” (Interview with Bernd Schaefer on North Korea-China relations), DailyNK, 30 May 2011,

Scaling the Plateau: A Tibet Abstract, and Three Publication Opportunities for Scholars of All Ages

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Cultural Politics / history and memory / My Publications / Tibet / World War II

Somewhat excited by the emergence of the Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies, its scholarly journal Himalaya, and anxious to further connect with colleages at outstanding Macalaster College, I figured it might be wise to get in line for their fall conference: “Liu Shengqi in Lhasa: A New Window into Tibet and Chinese Assertions on the Plateau, 1945-1949” Adam Cathcart, Pacific Lutheran University Abstract submitted to the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, Macalaster College, St. Paul, […]