A Bit of Summer Reading

Action has been a bit slower than usual on this blog of late — a fact which I would like to blame on the relaxed pace of life in my current haunt of Chengdu, but, alas, cannot.  In any event, a few notes on recommended summer reads:

Blog Posts and Scholarly Articles

Probably the most interesting essay I have read on Tibet in a very long time stems from the keyboard of Kristiana Henderson of Pacific Lutheran University.  Her recent post “Eagle in the Talons of Another: Business Ownership in the Tibetan Economy” is a sprawling compendium of important questions, excellent links, insouciant commentary, and precise thinking.  Highly recommended.

Korean Histories, an excellent new online journal which is in part the work of the formidable Coen de Kuster at the University of Leiden, has a fresh issue out, the best part of which is this article on wartime novels in South Korea.  It is a magnificent read and beautifully done.

On the China front, do not miss this comprehensive listing of books and websites which one can swim within for hours, via the China Law Blog.

I am waiting for some similarly sprawling or insicive writing about Uighur issues from Mycal Ford, Henderson’s counterpart in Chengdu, whose work on issues of ethnic identity in western China is also rather promising.


East Asia History

Patrick French, Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land (London: Penguin 2003).

笠原十九司, 南京事件争论史:日本人史怎么样认知史实的 社会科学文献出版社, 2010。  A History of Disputes over the Nanking Massacre.  Series: ZhongRi lishi wenti yicong.

Cold War and Soviet History

Nicolas Werth, L’île aux cannibales : 1933: Une déportation-abandon en Sibérie (Paris : Perrin, 2008).

Michael Ignatieff, Isaiah Berlin: A Life (New York: Metropolitan Books, 1998).

Music and Art History

Edward Said, Music at the Limits: Three Decades of Essays and Articles on Music (London: Bloomsbury, 2008).

Emmanuel Rubio, Vers une Architeture Cathartique (1945-2001)  (Toward a Cathartic Architecture) (Paris: Editions Donner Liu, 2011).

On Writing and Language

Sascha Verlan, Rap-Texte, erweitert um Rap im neuen Jahrtausend (Rap Texts, from Rap in the New Millenium), (Stuttgart: Philipp Reclam, 2003).

Olof Lagercranz, Om konsten att läsa och skriva (On the art of reading and writing), (Avesta: Wahlstroem & Widstrand, 2011 [1985])

Anna-Greta Berggren and Yan Yan (鄢嫣), Svensk-Kinesiskt enkelt lexicon och handbook för Kinaresan (Swedish-Chinese Lexicon and Handbook for Chinese) (Stockholm: Kina Agentur, 2004).


Finally, as a regular reader of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I would also like to recommend this gut-check on job creation from northeast Ohio, a region whose economic ties to northeast Asia, if strengthened, could help pull the American region up significantly.

And do not miss the fact, via KCNA, that (perhaps as a reward for all the uncharacteristically heavy flak that North Korean media has been aiming at the Dalai Lama of late?)  a Chinese Navy delegation is in Pyongyang and that PLA General Liang Guanglie’s recent inspection tour of the northeastern border provinces of Liaoning and Jilin (and his call there for more militias) was also rendered into news in Pyongyang.

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