Wakeman Inaugurates

It is the first day of a new semester in Tacoma, and therefore fitting to invite the past master, Frederick Wakeman, to the fore for a lecture on Manchu identity at Berkeley.  And, seeking further models, there are few things more personally sustaining to me than the admonitions and advice offered as a preface to his talk by the professor from San Diego, by way of Madison Wisconsin.

I am making a point to record my lectures this semester digitally (they began this morning with a dissertation on the Qin and sinocentric patterns in East Asia), and may make these more widely available soon, but there is little doubt that I won’t be reaching the Wakeman standard anytime soon, or approaching it with less than the appropriate respect.  Perhaps that sounds Confucian, but perhaps it should.

2 thoughts on “Wakeman Inaugurates

  1. Oh please do plonk your lectures on the internet. Communities (and their groupies) that teensy remain rather underconnected in this overconnected world. . .

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