Day: September 12, 2011

North Korean Metaphor War: Whether Adrift or Storming Forward in the Post-Cold War Epoch, the DPRK Remains Not So Much an Enigma as a Deep Cultural Bunker Into Which One, Generally Speaking, Can Only Enter By Pounding on a Piano

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Cultural Politics / EU-East Asia relations / German / North Korea / Pensee

If I had a nickel for everytime I read the words “according to Kim Jong Il’s former Japanese chef” I could buy enough rice to feed entire boatloads of squid fishermen in the sea whose name was called Korea by an Italian in Mongolia in the 1250s. Which is to say that the repetition of data, after certain repetitions, becomes not data at all, but a blockage. Accrochage: phalanges of the trained musician bring plangeant […]