Microreads, Macrothemes, Memes

This past week conspired to make microblogging the internet attack of choice, and this week seems contrived to have the same effect.  If you want to keep up with my tiny blasts of analysis and reading on China and North Korea this week, my Twitter feed is the place to go.

I’m in Minneapolis/St. Paul for a weekend of Asia-Himalayan scholarship, presenting a paper on a Chinese-English translator-scholar Liu Shengqi’s five years in Lhasa, 1944-1949.

In the meantime, I was quoted in this Foreign Policy article about North Korean music, and have been thinking at least a bit about “the foundations of Chinese modernity.”



  1. Adam. Liked your twitter image. Joined the pimp media also last week.

    And I would appreciate a thought to my last tweet on Pak/PRC developments, which are receiving minimal attention at the moment, but will be almost as important as the NK in the future.

    Pakistan: Crikey, Beijing is really loosing the thread. The Agency areas are a basketful of ungrateful vipers. Britain, Russia, US and the ….. PRC.

    Need I talk more about past Empires’ track records in that part of the world.


    1. Hi KT, I especially appreciate that thought on the relative weight of Pakistan to North Korea visa vie China. If North Korea holds everything together as they have been, with the razor but together, and Pakistan splinters and China’s West consequently floods with various ideological radioactivities, North Korea will look like small potatoes indeed. Did you see the Time mag. piece on Sino-Indian war games? I didn’t link it anywhere but it looked quite apropos of your coment. Cheers!

  2. Pakistan imploding and its resulting radioactivities….That was one aspect. I was also thinking about this:
    The Pak/Afgan narcotics trade. Russia, Europe and Iran are pretty well saturated markets, while as Napoleoni notes, China is a “dream market”, with its sufficient relative wealth, corruption, greed and teenage boredom embedded within a massive population.
    There is a paucity of decent materials on my point, and Napoleoni’s book is a bit of a cut and paste job.
    I think The Diplomat has a few relevant articles, but mostly it is overview stuff.
    If Beijing thinks its traditional ties with Pakistan combined with its proposed base in the tribal homelands will spare it from a narcotics offensive orchestrated by the Taliban and the Pakistans transport mafia, it really is deceiving itself.

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