Day: December 20, 2011

A Note for North Korea Readers: Launching SinoNK

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Amid the proliferation of China-related blogs on the Web, it is hoped that this blog has a place — be it stable, intermittent, annoyed, essential or otherwise — on your reading list. As 2011 comes to a close — and as the Kim Jong Eun era begins — I am pleased to announce that I will be migrating new writing about China’s relations with North Korea to a new platform,  That site is still […]

Shanghai Impressions, or, What Cellistic Ennui Tells Us about Cultural Dynamics in the Sino-North Korean Relationship

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A few days in Shanghai rarely fails to reorient one immediately from wherever illusory place one has been prior.  In Shanghai, China’s upward thrust is paired with its revolutionary guts, its past foreign dominance juxtaposed at every turn with the new impositions of 1949.  Art of various kinds slides past taxi windows, and the low and sulfurous scent of commerce being transacted hand over fist leaves a low undertone to practically every act undertaken after […]