1. The Age. Does not surprise. Here in Oz we have the best connected global media in the world, full stop.

    Adam, you should be watching SBS our multicultural news service which comes on every night at 6.30pm. Americans who watch PBS nightly think they are blessed. Forget it, even if Jeffrey Brown (sic) is the best and most nuanced interviewer on all matters literary and cultural.

    That aside, as I said on my latest blog post, Al Jazeera is leaving the competition in the dust. Makes CNN and mainstream US media look like insular small town reportings by the Butte Montana Patriot.

    All those 24/7 CCN news feeds into the homes and offices of US decision makers helps explain the idiocy of most US foreign policy decison making in the past three decades.

    Strangle Anderson Cooper and set the world free.

    Al jazeera is a welcome media sea change.

    1. Not only that on the media sea change, KT, but CCTV-Africa is coming soon, with great fanfare. It may already be the case that Al Jazeera coverage of China is far better than that of CNN, in spite of the fact that I very much like the CNN reporters in Hong Kong I met at a conference last June — even at CNN, the reporters feel obligated to place the so-called “War on Terror” as the dominant paradigm…

      Thanks for your comment and the support of Sino-NK, hope I can keep all this rolling!

      Nice work by the way on your (new?) site: http://kingtubby1.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/the-chat-show-format/

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