Schumann in Hong Kong

Schumannian tremors, transformation is afoot!

More analysis of musical diplomacy and the Wagnerian legacy in Northeast Asia to be released shortly at

I’ll be performing in Berlin in April, analyzing and performing music in South Korea in late May at a lecture-recital, and completing the sweep with more musical diplomacy with the Amitayus Duo in Sichuan province in late June and early July; more details soon!

Update: A very tentative first stab of a recording of the fourth movement to a new transcription of the Maerchenbilder is now up at my Soundcloud channel; very much for free, this performance was our second run-through (“us” being myself and renounced biologist Eliezer Gurarie), but it gives one a sense of the pieceful, leidenschafliches way that Schumann ended the series.

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