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制假: Wuhan’s “iPhone” Manufacturer

Intellectual property tends to become a slightly-more-than-vague concept when one arrives in China, but this post, which I ran across via the LiaoShen Ribao on Weibo (China’s equivalent of Twitter), was especially stunning:

courtesy LiaoShen Ribao


  1. justrecently says:

    Looks impressive. I’ll do a web search for a survivor’s test report.

  2. Alex Voog says:

    pronounced “I-Phony”…

  3. paulmanfredi says:

    what’s so excellent about that image is the 合格证。 which particular 格 did we 合 in order to obtain this 证? I’ll bet officious looking dude in hat could explain it beautifully.

    • Adam Cathcart says:

      Nice, thanks for spotting that, Dr. Manfredi! Inspiring me to do a bit more tapping on this particular site…

  4. kushibo says:

    If they’d called it the iPad, that would have explained the overheating problem.

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