Toward a Transnational History of Manchuria and the Korean War [Updated]

In November 2014, I presented ‘Toward a Transnational History of Manchuria and the Korean War, 1945-1955’ at the Institute of Historical Research, as part of the Comparative Histories of Asia seminar series at the University of London Senate House at 5:30 p.m. GMT. Audio of the event is available; the formal speech starts at about the sixth minute. here: 


I. Assessing the past 25 years of Korean War historiography

International history — PRC-sourced scholarship — Millett vs. Cumings and war origins — RG 242 and the new early history of North Korea — Cultural histories — New international history

II. Two departure points

Ways we might weave a transnational and transwar history of Manchuria — Japanese, Russians, Americans — Hajimu Masuda (NUS) — toward a ‘history of violence’ in Northeast Asia — Michael Kim (Yonsei)

III. Chinese Koreans in the Chinese Civil War and the Korean War, 1945-1953

Charles Kraus (GWU) — 1945/46 in eastern Jilin — the Tonghua Incident — Zhu Dehai/Cho Dokh-hae — consolidation of CCP power in Yanbian/Yonbyon — looking to North Korea — toward a cross-border history of the Korean War

Adam Cathcart is a lecturer in Chinese history at the University of Leeds and the editor of the Papers of the British Association of Korean Studies. 

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