Commentary in the Financial Times

I published a op-ed in the pages of the Financial Times in London on Friday, 19 December, entitled For North Korea there is nothing comic about killing off Kim’:

Hot-headed North Korean protests over disrespectful portrayals of their leaders are hardly a new phenomenon. In a world where even an online meme could be taken as a slight against its “supreme dignity”, even Pyongyang’s only formal ally, China, has been subject to censorship demands. So, to understand why The Interview has triggered such a strong and sustained rhetorical response from the North Koreans — who called it an “act of war” — it pays to look back at a history strewn with assassination attempts.

The full text of the article can be read here (login/subscription required).

Update: The FT has translated the piece into Chinese: 《刺杀金正恩》为何激怒朝鲜?
英国利兹大学中国历史讲师 亚当•卡思卡特 为英国《金融时报》撰稿 . An excerpt follows:



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