Comrades in Crisis: Chinese-North Korean Relations in War, Occupation, and Today

On 25 March 2016, I will present the following paper at Yonsei University in Seoul, thanks to an invitation from John Delury and the Yonsei Underwood International College International Studies Program. More details about specific venue will follow in due course. The lecture will take place at 2 p.m.

Title: Comrades in Crisis: Chinese-North Korean Relations in War, Occupation, and Today

In our time, the reciprocal bonds between the Korean Workers’ Party and the Chinese Communist Party are seen as badly stretched, if not permanently broken. But how much do we know about how the two states interact, both in diplomacy and in the shared border region? What can we learn from investigating Sino-North Korean connections not just at the top level, but at the provincial and local level? This paper uses newly emerged data from the Chinese civil war, the Korean War, and the departure of Chinese troops from North Korea in 1958 to answer these questions, assess the level of change vs. continuity, and offer insights into the relationship today.

Bio: Adam Cathcart is Lecturer in Chinese history at the University of Leeds, and editor (with Christopher Green) of the Sino-NK web journal.

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