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Bubble at the Summit: Insecurities in Kim Jong-un Itineraries

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KJU Wonsan

Is Kim Jong-un staggeringly confident, or do his behaviours and travel itineraries betray personal neuroses and structural fears? The short answer is that it depends on the issue under discussion. Let’s take the economy for starters. Like a shrimp rediscovering its appetite after an awful oil spill, the North Korean economy appears to be improving, or so argue a number of indicators. Several smaller dams around the Huichon behemoth are coming online, meaning there is more power […]

New Korean-American Messiah Crosses the Tumen (Updated)

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North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-Japanese Relations / Sino-North Korean relations / US-North Korea relations

One Free Korea carries a vital and extensive report on the latest international incident on the North Korea-China border: Reuters is reporting that Robert Park, a 28 year-old American, has walked across the Tumen River from China to the North Korean town of Hoeryong, which is infamous for being both the birthplace of Kim Jong Il’s mother and the the town nearest to Camp 22. Park’s apparent objectives were (1) to get himself arrested and […]

Northern Border News

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North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

The latest Good Friends report from North Korean sources contains a couple of items of note: The Democratic Women’s Union (DWU) of the National Border Area in the North Hamgyong Province declared that the number of women crossing the river has decreased because of the 150-Day battle. Of course, there were still women crossing the river, but the number of women crossing the river decreased largely in the past two years. The DWU surmises that […]

Video Games in NK

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Gaming bloggers in Great Britain, aka UK Resistance, have posted a photo gallery of a summertime video-game arcade in Pyongyang.   The photographer is anonymous, and North Korean entertainment technology, predictably enough, appears to be a couple of decades behind its neighbors. Hat tip to LiberateLaura [e.g., the blog focusing on Laura Ling, the best-known journalist arrested by North Korean border police in Onsung county, North Hamgyong, DPRK last March, rescued by Clinton on 4 August […]

Understanding the CurrentTV / North Korea Fiasco

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North Korean border region

[Note: In light of the speed of the news and the interest shown in this issue by Danwei readers,  I have followed this post with another, more considered, analysis of the Tumen river fiasco as it continues to impact evolving Sino-North Korean relations.  — Adam Cathcart] Amid the struggle to understand activity on the remote North Korean-Chinese border, few sources are more constant and seemingly complete than The Daily NK.  For English-speaking North Korea watchers […]