Blueprints and Rumors in Sinuiju and Dandong

Last week Christopher Green and I assessed the outlook for concerted Chinese-North Korean development in the critical corridor for trade between Dandong (PRC) and Sinuiju (DPRK). Using the October bilateral trade fair in Dandong as the test case and a number of Chinese-language press releases as sources, we argued that the trade fair should not be interpreted as evidence of a new receptivity by North Korea … Continue reading Blueprints and Rumors in Sinuiju and Dandong

Stephan Haggard’s Comment on Sinuiju SEZs

Stephan Haggard is frequently described as one of the top North Korea analysts in the United States; his breadth of interest, range of expertise, and command of massive amounts of data, along with his keen analytical eye all serve to confirm his standing in the research community.  I was therefore glad to see that he took interest in one of my recent papers on the … Continue reading Stephan Haggard’s Comment on Sinuiju SEZs

Tremors on the Periphery: Sinuiju Unrest

Yesterday I got a message from one of my favorite North Korea specialists, Owen Miller at the School of Oriental and African Sciences in London, concening a recent disturbance in Sinuiju, the northwesternmost city in the DPRK and a bellwether when it comes to regime intentions and popular resistance. More information about the protests is available via Chosun Ilbo (Korean version here), as well as … Continue reading Tremors on the Periphery: Sinuiju Unrest

Police Payoffs in Chongjin and Upset Students in Sinuiju

The latest Good Friends report for January 2010 has been released, and includes these dispatches: Police Returned Stolen Objects to Owners after Receiving Payment At the Chungjin Preservation Center of Northern Hamgyong Province, possessions stolen during the 100-Day Battle were being returned as of December 8th. Officers have found 20 bicycles, 8 TV’s, 2 motorcycles, and 5 sacks of clothes upon capturing four thieves. Village … Continue reading Police Payoffs in Chongjin and Upset Students in Sinuiju

Sinuiju Updates / North Korean News from China

Good Friends reports that swine flu has broken out in the northwestern border city of Sinuiju.  In addition to testimony from a mother, including rumors of a quarantine of Kaesong, the report describes that medicine sales have been halted on account of the recent currency revaluation. This report from Daily NK describes how piles of the old currency were being used by arsonists to light … Continue reading Sinuiju Updates / North Korean News from China

Students in Sinuiju, DPRK

The Daily NK reports that sightings of a few large boatloads of students in the large North Korean border city of Sinuiju are indications that the DPRK’s fuel shortages have abated, and that ferry service in Sinuiju (most likely to Uiju, upriver) is back in operation.  These are quite some photographs for anyone who has spent time in Dandong.  Normally it is the Chinese who … Continue reading Students in Sinuiju, DPRK

Mobile Phones in Sinuiju / 新义州手机管理

Good Friends (好朋友) organization reports the following news from Sinuiju: Illegal Chinese Mobile Phones Will be Monitored in Sinuiju Throughout the Year As of July 1st, officials in Sinuiju North Pyongan Province have been enforcing laws on users of illegal Chinese mobile phones and will continue to do so at least until the end of the year. New technology has been purchased in order to … Continue reading Mobile Phones in Sinuiju / 新义州手机管理

Hillary Clinton and the Taxing Friendship: China and North Korea

This essay, previously unpublished, was written in Seattle on 27 May 2010. Hillary Clinton arrived in Beijing last weekend to send an urgent message to China: put pressure on North Korea.  Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are peaking, provoked by the North Korean sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan and the consequent death of 46 soldiers allied to the United States.  Secretary Clinton, like … Continue reading Hillary Clinton and the Taxing Friendship: China and North Korea


A full academic CV will be available in pdf. format in due course; the following was last updated on 15 September 2017 PUBLICATIONS Books Change and Continuity in North Korean Politics, co-edited with Robert Winstanley-Chesters and Christopher Green (Routledge, November 2016). Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters  (2018). “British Responses to Korean War Crimes,” English Historical Review, co-authored with Hannah Dawson (Summer), forthcoming. (2017).  “Tradition and Legitimation in … Continue reading CV