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Unrest in Tonghua

China / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Not so long ago there was a gigantic brawl at a (huge) steel factory in Tonghua, Jilin province, that left one dead and the news media all aflutter.   Another sign emerges that China could come apart at the seams at any moment! I spent a couple of days in Tonghua last month, as it is a major gateway city to the North Korean border.  While aspects of the city were somewhat miserable (no public library, […]

Toward a Transnational History of Manchuria and the Korean War [Updated]

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China / Korean War / North Korea / North Korean border region
Korea Map Book York

In November 2014, I presented ‘Toward a Transnational History of Manchuria and the Korean War, 1945-1955’ at the Institute of Historical Research, as part of the Comparative Histories of Asia seminar series at the University of London Senate House at 5:30 p.m. GMT. Audio of the event is available; the formal speech starts at about the sixth minute. here:  OUTLINE I. Assessing the past 25 years of Korean War historiography International history — PRC-sourced scholarship — Millett […]

New Winter: Sino-North Korean Relations Today

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American Foreign Policy / China / Chinese nationalism / Huanqiu Shibao / Korean War / North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations / U.S.-China Relations / US-North Korea relations

Of China’s many bilateral relationships, few are as pregnant with doom as the relationship with the DPRK. That is to say, the relationship is significant to China not primarily for the good it can bring, but for the potential harm it represents. Thus the quest for China in dealing with the DPRK is how to play a bad hand: minimize the harm it can do, and possibly get something good out of it. In this […]

Manchurian Base Camp, Part III: The DPRK’s Northeastern Strategy

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Chinese communist party / history and memory / Korean War / Manchuria / North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Manchurian Base Camp, Part I: In the 1930s Kim Il Song regarded Manchuria, or Northeast China, as an immense area into which to project anti-Japanese struggle and wherein he could hammer out the personal foundations for what would become the North Korean state.   Manchurian Base Camp, Part II: During the Korean War, North Korean elites moved back into Manchuria to escape from the horrific bombing of Pyongyang (and virtually every other major and minor city […]

Hiatus//Documentary Smorgasbord//Steven Chu for President in 2016

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American Foreign Policy / Cello / Cultural Politics / Environmental Politics in East Asia / history and memory / Korean War / North Korea / US-Japan relations / World War II

I’m on the two-day cusp of departing from Taipei for the beautiful work that awaits in Seattle, and am thus taking my annual last-week-of-July blogging vacation.  I would, in the meantime, like to recommend several fascinating sources for your delectation, enjoyment, and edification. Don’t miss: * C-Span’s panel discussions on the origins of the Korean War (particularly the remarks by the guest from London, and the percussive readings at 43:30, followed by discussion of tattoos […]

Crumbling North America

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Art / Chinese Avant-Garde / Cultural Politics / Op-Ed

The Rust Belt continues to crumble.  This past week, my old hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, got some bad news: 18 schools, mainly on the African-American east side, would be closing for good, including East High School.  (East High had been the academic origin of some of my most ardent students at Hiram College, the old Western Reserve Eclectic Institute where I was a professor from 2004-2007).   The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the school closing story, […]

Reformist Flirtations and Successor Politics: KCNA Tropes

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North Korea / North Korean border region

While Chinese left-wingers insist upon the courage and worthiness of North Korea’s wealth-equalizing currency reforms, Kim Jong Il is out talking up profitability in the northern frontier province of Jagang. In a visit to a the Kanggye Wine Factory reported on December 10, the Dear Leader spake: He went round the newly-built beer shop…greatly satisfied to learn that the factory has not only steadily boosted the production by updating the production processes and increasing its […]

Xinjiang in Le Figaro

China / French

Le Figaro publishes a solid dispatch from Turkey; translation below: Laure Marchand, “Istanbul, capitale des refugies ouigours [Istanbul, capital of Uighur refugees],” Le Figaro, 20 July 2009, p. 6. More than 300,000 members strong, the Uighur diaspora is able to count on the sympathy of Turkish public opinion, but Ankara spares its critiques against Peking for economic reasons. Istanbul Installed in a stampeded bazaar, Abulresit, a Uighur shopkeeper, does not address a single word to […]