Policy Impact

This page focuses on concrete aspects of my research which have policy impact — in other words, publications or presentations which have been solicited by or targeted at policy makers. 

Listings of outreach and public engagement (i.e., media) activities are available separately.  

Book Manuscript


Policy Papers

(2015) “North Korean Regime Stability: The Chinese-North Korean Border Region as Test Case, ” with Christopher Green, in East Asian Intelligence and Organised CrimeStephan Blancke, ed. (Berlin: Köster Verlag) 291-302.

(2014). “How Authoritarian Regimes Maintain Domain Consensus: North Korean Information Strategies in the Kim Jong-un Era,” Review of Korean Studies, co-authored with Christopher Green and Steven Denney, Vol. 17, No. 2 (December) 145–178.

(2014). “In the Shadow of Jang Song-taek: Pyongyang’s Evolving Strategy with the Hwanggumpyeong and Wihua Islands,” Korea Economic Institute of America Academic Paper Series, Vol. 8 (June), 8 pp.

(2013). “The Discursive Battleground for North Korean Refugees: ‘Double Defector’ Propaganda and Emerging Sino-North Korean Frictions,” with Brian Gleason, Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula and Human Rights in North Korea, ed. Korea-UK Forum on the Peaceful Unification of Korea (London: ROK Ministry of Unification), 109–137. [Available in Korean; pdfs. forthcoming.]

(2013).“North Korea’s Cultural Diplomacy in the Early Kim Jong-un Era,” with Steven Denney, North Korean Review, Vol, 9, No. 2 (Autumn) 29-42.

(2012). “Seven Fingers: China’s New Leadership and North Korea Policy,” Pacific Forum (No. #87), with Roger Cavazos and Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga. Center for Strategic and International Studies, Hawaii, December 26.

Policy Presentations and Briefings

(2015). “Exploring China’s Responses to North Korean Collapse,” Chatham House, London, 6 August. [Off the record.] [Reflections on the conference topic TBA.] [Event website.]

(2014). “Is Cultural Diplomacy with North Korea Possible?” testimony at All-Parliamentary Group on North Korea, Parliament, Westminster, 19 November. [Event summary.]

(2014). “Evolution or Rupture? Economic and Political Ties between China & North Korea,” briefing at Foreign Office, London 19 September. [Off the record.]

(2014). “In the Shadow of Jang Song-Taek: Pyongyang’s Evolving SEZ Strategy along the China-North Korean Border,” lecture at Korean Economic Institute, 19 June. [Paper. Podcast/interview.] 

(2014). “China-North Korea Relations in the Kim Jong-un Era,” at University of Cambridge, 10 February.

(2014). “China-North Korea Relations in the Kim Jong-un Era,” at Institute for Korean Studies, Ohio State University, 9 January. [Video forthcoming.] [Event abstract.] [Event information.]

(2013). “The Discursive Battleground for North Korean Refugees: ‘Double Defector’ Propaganda and Emerging Sino-North Korean Frictions,” with Brian Gleason, presented at Korea-UK Forum on the Peaceful Unification of Korea, sponsored by National Unification Advisory Council & ROK Ministry of Unification, London, 9 November. [Full text in English and Korean – pdfs forthcoming.] [Unedited video recording.] [Conference website.]

(2014). “China’s Role in the North Korean Human Rights Discourse,” European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea (EAHRNK), University of York, March 6. [Event information.] [Audio recording.]

(2013). “China’s Evolving Relationship with North Korea,” panel presentation at International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Arundel House, London. July 9. 

(2013). “China Engaging North Korea in the Borderland Regions,” presentation at Engage Korea 2013, Merton College, Oxford. May 4. [Event program.]

Participation in Roundtables

(2014). Participation in British Council Working Group on Cultural Ties with DPRK; meeting with North Korean officials.

(2013-2015.) Various discussions at RUSI, London.

Document Dossiers

(2012).”China-North Korea Dossier No. 3: North Korea’s Relations with China at the End of the Kim Jong-il Era,” SinoNK.

(2012). “China-North Korea Dossier No. 2: “China’s ‘Measure of Reserve’ toward Succession,SinoNK.

(2012). “China-North Korea Dossier No. 1: “China and the North Korean Succession,” SinoNK.