Musan, North Hamgyong province, DPRK, seen from above the upper Tumen River and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture -- photo by Adam Cathcart
Musan, North Hamgyong province, DPRK, seen from above the upper Tumen River and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture — photo by Adam Cathcart


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Adam Cathcart is a historian based at the University of Leeds. He researches the Sino-Korean borderlands, the international history of the Korean War, the construction of the North Korean state in the late 1940s, political art and music in China and North Korea, and Chinese Koreans in Yanbian.

He serves as the founder and editor-in-chief of, a scholarly website dedicated to analysis of the relationship between North Korea and China, and is the editor of the Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies.