Rechauffement: China and France Make Nice

French diplomacy in East Asia has been proceeding apace.  Last month’s visit to North Korea by special envoy Jack Lang seems to have borne fruit: Paris announced it was on track to set up a liaison office in Pyongyang for economic, cultural, and linguistic exchange as a step toward full relations with the DPRK.  Lest this step be ridiculed, it’s worth considering that the Obama … Continue reading Rechauffement: China and France Make Nice

Yann Tiersen Concert

Tiersen is in town, and the French are back. Much prevaricated against this event taking place at all. After all, as this blog has reported, the Chinese masses (or at least the mass media) has not been friendly of late to France. In addition to prevaricating against the mayor of France for hosting the Dalai Lama, the Chinese media also recently mocked Sarkozy for standing … Continue reading Yann Tiersen Concert

Joanna Reads Proust

Today at French class, our wunderlehrer Dalia asked us to bring three interesting objects to class.  So we each did, and piled them on the table at the hour of 6:30 p.m. amid dwindles of ardent sunbeam.  (By providence’s great grace, these epochs of late afternoon sun never, ever fail to appear on the days that I trek up into Wallingford and the Alliance Francaise). … Continue reading Joanna Reads Proust