US-China: Le Grand Refroidissement

Precisely one year ago, Le Monde asked in an uncharacteristically blaring headline: “US-Chine: Le Grande Refroidissement? [US-China: The Great Re-Freeze?]” Well, today that article appears to be rather prescient. From Taiwan to Google to the Dalai Lama to pending and present trade disputes, there is more than enough acrimony to go around. Perhaps this means that French journalism and commentary about East Asia generally, and … Continue reading US-China: Le Grand Refroidissement

Le Dernier Jours du Pekin: French Reads

My title today comes from a romantic, fin-de-siecle French account of the Boxer Rebellion, when the walled city of Beijing seemed to be Ground Zero for Armageddon.   But my double entendre is really meant to suggest Obama’s last day in the city. If Obama is really such a socialist, why didn’t he insist on visiting Chairman Mao’s tomb?  Maybe because he’s too busy trying to … Continue reading Le Dernier Jours du Pekin: French Reads

Could Warren Buffett Buy North Korea?

Thus spake the headline in Le Figaro by that paper’s Beijing correspondent Arnaud de le Grange, whose dispatch of 23 October runs goes a little something like this: Le magazine Forbes a mis en parallèle la fortune de certains de ses hôtes du classement des 400 premières fortunes mondiales et les économies de plusieurs pays. Au lieu de se payer châteaux en ­France, îlots paradisiaques dans … Continue reading Could Warren Buffett Buy North Korea?

Sidney Rittenberg Updates [II]

Sidney Rittenberg is one of the great remaining sages able to parse out China’s past and its future. And he has now reached the lucky age of 88! Rittenberg in Beijing Evan Osnos, the New Yorker’s correspondent in Beijing, describes some highlights from a recent talk Rittenberg gave in the city: [Rittenberg] on the prospects for multi-party democracy: If you had a second party alternative … Continue reading Sidney Rittenberg Updates [II]