Virtually nothing was posted in January because I was parted from my main axe in Seattle; she needed work, and I needed time to teach and lecture and write, here and in London.  Now the sphere turns and all things return into my waiting hands: the cello, the bow, the black keyboard.  And a microphone awaits as well.  And thus this Bach, raw, an initial … Continue reading Solo

Bach, Easter

In three flats, the C-minor strides forward on some trinitarian continuum. For more of this sort of uplift, few sources are more discerning and nourishing than the fare offered by The Western Confucian, a Matteo Ricci-type scholar in Korea whose tastes run towards full armies of viola de gamba assembling behind Buxtehude oratorios. There remain, in other words, multiple reasons for hope! Glenn Gould in … Continue reading Bach, Easter

Cello/Gamba Outburst

The Bach G-minor gamba sonata and I tangled recently in a golden hall: A performance which, minus the sweeping and impurities, but with the gamba retained, probably should have sounded more like this Hungarian rendition: Whose lack of total Baroque purity, in turn, led me back to Marais, the Roi of gamba composers: Which brought me back to February, and the cleansing waters of “The … Continue reading Cello/Gamba Outburst