PRC Portraiture // Tibet Commemorations

Images 1 and 2 are entries in a large national portraiture exhibition which opened yesterday in Beijing; images 3 and 4 are Xinhua products, linked to stories about the March 28 commemorations of the Dalai Lama’s exit from Tibet in 1959 (see Chicago Manual of Style for the ethics of “shock quotes,” links to all pages are on the images themselves). Continue reading PRC Portraiture // Tibet Commemorations

French Stories

In addition to these grabs from the Le Figaro photo blog (and one more of some beautiful monkeys in snowy Nagano), I’d like to recommend the work of Pierre Haski, former China correspondent for Liberation and presently the author of the “Chinatown” blog on Rue 89.  Why read this guy’s work?  Who else is writing such thoughtful analysis? Looking at the Sino-North Korean relationship in … Continue reading French Stories

Pastiche // 论“文化侵略“

我最近关注王立新教授(北京大学历史系的年轻教授)的创造品。 为什么? 第一,每个北大历史系教授的文章有介质,第二,那人是我的老同行 , 我在北京的时候给我好多的厚意帮忙,第三 (贺岁重要从现在政治方面的来看),他的研究很有用为了了解中国政府和一分部的这时分子对美国,对谷歌事变的立场和态度。 现在北大的历史系网站有病,但我碰到这边照片。。。印象 在他的知道下,读者能明白什么?能学习西方来得“文化帝国主义“! 看看他的文章:“‘文化侵略’与’文化帝国主义’:美国传教士在华活动两种评价范式辨析”,《历史研究》2002年第3期。 如果能说:基本上,19世纪的西方人来中国的宗教者有个目标:第一,获得幽灵,准备末日,第二,成为医院和学校,第三,为在中国的外国人的宗教需要, 很小属于艺术家,科学家,哲学家 — 他们都后点儿来华呢!  所以能说这个“帝国主义“ 的精神和欧洲,美国宗教的精神是混得,也浑看。。。现在的世界情况当人十分变了,但是西方人的最基础的想法对中国变还是不变?   以一变应万变!但是这谷歌代表什么新的问题,条件,能源,看法。。。摩登人就是崇拜高科技,电脑,等的高级东西。。。这个精神是从梁启超等作家来的,包括五四新文化运动来的。。。我觉得现代的人类崇拜高科技或者崇拜圣经。。。和谷歌呢? 我发现现代的中国爱国主义精神,民族主义精神过于若干的问题是比较快起来,感动, 和网络关系当然对这个趋势更快。  (梦想:五四学生和秋瑾,丁玲等作者有手机和Twitter…那对他们的Schaffensvernunftigkeit (创作性)什么影响?  (啊,现在真浪费时间。。。生活真的怎么无聊呢?不一定! 快去加拿大,家伙! 找的找的找地多地西雅图市的新地方和人物,进一步到大提琴技术的边区,(用大声根一个大风的铜目标)唱德文浪漫歌曲,认识那个谁的狂妄和太有意思艺术家,讨论讨论滔滔轮轮根留学生,碰到无家可归的老美,老匪在唐人街的黑黑压压的交通口,睡觉在一个小船内,天天希望看到大白山,我们西北的长白山,善。。。 哇–从梦想回来,大哥! 行了行了行了; 我的目的已经到了:后来再份哲。。。 For English readers, basically above I’m reflecting in the most amateurish fashion possible on the possible continuities between what Chinese scholars call “cultural invasion” of China in the 19th century by Western missionaries and the current case of Google.  … Continue reading Pastiche // 论“文化侵略“

Shichahai Update

I started living sporadically in the vicinity of Beijing’s Shichahai (什刹海)district in 2001 and consider the neighborhood the closest thing I’ve got to “home” in China.  And since no one was hurt in this fire, I can say that perhaps Beijing’s quality of life would improve if fewer of these sordid places existed; then some of the old folks could move back in.  And yes, … Continue reading Shichahai Update

人多没办法! Viewing Chinese Power thro the Lens of Spring Festival Chaos

As pundits both knowledgeable and sketchy proclaim a new era in Chinese global assertiveness, it’s helpful to recall one thing: the Chinese people are an immense force, a force whose collective and chaotic power is never more evident to Chinese leaders than in the Spring Festival travel season. For this reason, I have to recommend scrolling through this Huanqiu BBS photo-montage of the craziness of … Continue reading 人多没办法! Viewing Chinese Power thro the Lens of Spring Festival Chaos

Beijing Notes

The Beijinger reports that wide swaths of the Gulou (Drum Tower) neighborhood may be slated for destruction and horrid Disney/Qianmen-style theme park makeover: Disturbing news in the Chinese press has bar owners around Gulou (aka the Drum Tower) feeling nervous. Plans have been announced to “restore” the area around the tower to the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and build an underground “Beijing … Continue reading Beijing Notes