Octotonic Teuton Remix // 为记得柏林墙的说唱歌

rimer, verb intransitive, to  rhyme.  Rimer avec = to rhyme with //[German] sich reimen… Steam on black monuments when again the Wall tumbled//Sleep-garbled China ripped her clock from the wall// repetition stains on that blunt blade of loyalty // Punished recollection, fueled by smog. Now Dances with Pandas says//that superpowers newly so minted//by opinion surveys twiddled in with idle digits envisioned // and fueled by … Continue reading Octotonic Teuton Remix // 为记得柏林墙的说唱歌

Germany Commemorates, China Forgets

The Chinese Communist Party seems intent on preventing any spillover from Europe’s orgy of commemorations of 1989. China Daily has featured just a small handful articles about German reunification in the last two months, including one about how one in eight former East Germans “wants the wall back.” In announcing the arrival of the rock band U2 in Berlin, China Daily yesterday noted, almost in … Continue reading Germany Commemorates, China Forgets

Smashing Chunks from the Great Firewall in Berlin / Ai Weiwei in Munich

A great convergence is occuring again between Germany and China.  As the 9 November anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (“der Mauerfall” / “le chute de la Mur”) approaches, further thoughts are twisting around the notions of democracy and democratic change. Two examples: The first is the Berlin Twitterwall, a magnificent little online monument to the fall of the wall.  The site was … Continue reading Smashing Chunks from the Great Firewall in Berlin / Ai Weiwei in Munich

Elie Unfurls / Olympic Flashbacks

In my own archive, a very delicious sentence has crossed my palette and I simply cannot help but post it for the delectation of the Germanophones, or for those bridging into the Teutonic, or for those who may be commemorating the fall of the wall (le chute de l’mur, der Fall des verdammten Mauers), or for those who want to know that Asian historians have … Continue reading Elie Unfurls / Olympic Flashbacks

Things I was going to explain before July finished [I]

I was going to explain how the CCP is launching a new English-language magazine called Qiushi to bolster its theoretical marketability and soft power among the mild left of North America, and further to explain that the Party will spend 45 billion yuan this year on overseas Xinhua expansion which is quite possibly a sum more worthy than this year’s entire budget for Voice of … Continue reading Things I was going to explain before July finished [I]