CCTV Coverage of Baghdad Bombing

Watching CCTV should be a serious pastime for someone like myself, but I tend not to have it on as often as I should.  However, last night’s dramatic rescue of miners from a collapse in Hebei Shanxi (山西) got me glued in, whereupon CCTV-4 started its broadcast as follows: 1. Workers Rescued from the Mine — 4 minutes, much machinery, tuanjie feeling, caring officials, missive … Continue reading CCTV Coverage of Baghdad Bombing

Portland 2010=Belgrade 1999? Not Quite.

On March 12, 2010, not long after Huanqiu Shibao (the Global Times) published this story (translated here on S.V.) which cited his microblog as encouraging Chinese Netizens to consider a boycott of Portland TrailBlazers broadcasts, it seems sportscaster Yu Jia reconsidered the wisdom of encouraging a major online campaign against the city of Portland.  On his microblog, he posted this message: 面对开拓者的囧境,有人拍手称快,有人同情怜悯;让我想起11年前北约轰炸我驻前南大使馆,NBA停播,那时远没这多不同的声音。这如同两会过程中出现很多不同的声音,这并不是最重要的。最重要的是越来越多的普通人能在相对开放的环境下关注社会现状、发表观点,这就是从0到1式的进步,从无到有的进步。 Which I translate as: … Continue reading Portland 2010=Belgrade 1999? Not Quite.