Jewish Cello Music (Performance)

This afternoon I played a bundle of Jewish (and related) pieces for cello and piano at a conference of scholars and educators.  Video of my performance with pianist Robert Jorgenson is linked here.  At the page itself, just scroll down to the picture of the cellist and the header entitled “Break: Music of the Holocaust.” It should open in Microsoft Media Player… Timings and repertoire: … Continue reading Jewish Cello Music (Performance)

Project Trio, or, Potential Overthrow of the Tyranny of Technique

Please enjoy this tune while you read: The performers in the Project Trio were my colleagues/classmates at the Cleveland Institute of Music, class of 1999, at which time I first became aware of Peter Seymour’s propensity for wicked bass solos. It takes a lot of patience, time, and ability to assault yourself (without harm, in service to the craft) in little white rooms to make … Continue reading Project Trio, or, Potential Overthrow of the Tyranny of Technique

Friday Fragments

Perhaps you will enjoy this excerpt from Japan’s Total Empire, because who doesn’t lay awake at night wondering why Japanese discussions of wartime complicity and postwar victimhood haven’t reached the same ardent level that we see in Deutschland? Or, because it’s Friday and Brahms is still living in the man’s shadow, some Beethoven cello sonata excerpts for your delectation and critique: Vamoose! Continue reading Friday Fragments