Portland-Tibet Update

On March 11, the English-language China Daily contained an editorial upbraiding the city of Portland for its “Tibet Awareness Day.”  Suffice it to say that while China Daily has recently had a makeover, the publication’s content remains as stodgy  as ever: Portland politicians were “celebrat[ing] a handful of fanatics trumpeting Tibet independence while turning a blind eye to either history or the status quo of … Continue reading Portland-Tibet Update

Portland, Tibet, and “Meddling in Internal Affairs”

The city of Portland, Oregon, is known as an aspiring utopia and somewhat left-wing city enamored of coffee, bicycles, religious tolerance and sustainable living.  It is, at least as cities go, a bit remarkable.  It is also one of the more friendly places in North America for people who believe that Chinese policy in Tibet is without moral justification. On March 8, The Oregonian, Portland’s … Continue reading Portland, Tibet, and “Meddling in Internal Affairs”