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Lux Sinica: China’s Civilizing Influence in North Korea

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It takes more than a few days, or perhaps a few weeks, to sift through all the reports, speculation, and rumors surrounding Kim Jong Il’s “new deal” with China.  At the end of the day, though, it seems that a single question aids in interpreting the phenomenon: To what extent has Kim Jong Il’s visit to China spurred the North Korean regime to embrace even the appearance of a reformist direction?  In other words, is […]

Sino-NK Stories to Watch

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Now that China and North Korea have gotten their stories (mostly) straight about Kim Jong Il’s five-day trip to northeast China, a small mountain of evidence exists which is worth analyzing.  Visions on the First Day of Class In Pyongyang, KCNA is now promoting a new story about the year 1960 describing how young Kim Jong Il (all of 19 at the time) started the school year by ascending a hill, whereupon he was seized […]

North Korea Nuggets

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Sino-North Korean relations

Lots of scuttlebutt on the Kim Jong Il in China front, but hey!  Heed these two little lines which no else seems to be talking about… 1. Kim Jong Il is not on the way to the PRC, but instead he met today with the Chinese ambassador in Pyongyang!  (News from the Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang)  Fortunately Chinese netizens are commenting already, reminding everyone that “friendship with North Korea” entails dealing with a “hooligan country,” […]

Currency Vortex: China Blasts North Korea for Mercantile Chaos

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North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations

Recent days have been bleeding into one another, swiftly, with a kind of inexorable momentum that allows for little reflection of the past.   Nowhere does this seem more true than in recent news about North Korea, and the Chinese view of the DPRK. Just when China seems to have settled things down and made nice with the North, to the apparent disappointment of Washington, Pyongyang up and revalues its currency, apparently with no forewarning given […]

Pyongyang to Honored Chinese Guests: Thanks for Leaving!

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Sino-North Korean relations

It’s a fairly unusual day at the Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang when they have to emphasize that a large delegation of Chinese leaders are leaving the country. Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) — Col. General Liang Guanglie, minister of National Defense who doubles as a state councilor of the People’s Republic of China, flew back home Thursday. Leaving with him were Col. General Huang Xianzhong, political commissar of the Shenyang Military Area of the […]