China and the Environment

The Copenhagen climate summit runs until December 18, and China has been publicly affirming its interest in the general principles which undergird the conference as a whole: climate change is here, it is sure to accellerate, and it should be viewed as a global threat against which international cooperation is necessarily deployed. Then we get into the nasty specifics. According to a dynamite article in … Continue reading China and the Environment

Environmental Movements and the DPRK [II]

In an earlier post I went off the handle in Beat style and demanded that the U.S. and China get serious about both engaging and pressuring the North Koreans by focusing on environmental issues: Send Stephen Chu to pound on the table at the Six-Party Talks! Blast down the tunnels at the DMZ for joint seismic research!  Tag the tigers endangered and let them leap … Continue reading Environmental Movements and the DPRK [II]

Things I was going to explain before July finished [I]

I was going to explain how the CCP is launching a new English-language magazine called Qiushi to bolster its theoretical marketability and soft power among the mild left of North America, and further to explain that the Party will spend 45 billion yuan this year on overseas Xinhua expansion which is quite possibly a sum more worthy than this year’s entire budget for Voice of … Continue reading Things I was going to explain before July finished [I]