Crumbling North America

The Rust Belt continues to crumble.  This past week, my old hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, got some bad news: 18 schools, mainly on the African-American east side, would be closing for good, including East High School.  (East High had been the academic origin of some of my most ardent students at Hiram College, the old Western Reserve Eclectic Institute where I was a professor from … Continue reading Crumbling North America

Organizational Tip of the Day: An Exhortation in Aphorism

When an erudite commenter recently speculated that I had too much time on my hands, noting the shallowness of my reading of the news from the Sino-Indian border region and the Taiwan Straits, I chuckled a bit, ruefully.  Time is such a hot commodity!  And I’ve been engaged in a wholesale sell-off. And thus in the spirit of self-recuperation, of regeneration, of blasting out new … Continue reading Organizational Tip of the Day: An Exhortation in Aphorism

LeBron James in Shenyang; Beijing

Cleveland is a great American city, and its best-known ambassador is in Asia.  Cleveland Cavaliers superstar forward LeBron James is in China on a tour promoting Nike shoes.  He met with students of migrant workers who have a special school outside of Beijing which Nike apparently supplies. In 2006, boarding a plane in Cleveland-Hopkins Airport bound for Beijing, I met LeBron’s then-teammate Damon Jones, who … Continue reading LeBron James in Shenyang; Beijing