Music is Dead? Whatever.

The New York Times carries a completely redact-worthy essay by composer Glenn Branca, entitled “The End of Music?”  Apparently the only people who write music that matters live in Malibu and New York. Fortunately I have a few retorts: 1) North Korean MCs are on the way, as discussed in my forthcoming article “North Korean Hip Hop?  Reflections on Musical Diplomacy and the DPRK” in … Continue reading Music is Dead? Whatever.

特爱的作现代作曲家,高平 / Gao Ping, Beloved Modern Composer

Here I lay claim to my friendship to Dr. Gao Ping, wonderful contemporary Chinese-cosmopolitan composer currently based in New Zealand. Long may he thrive! And let us not forget or hold against him that he has been blessed by Xinhua, if not the Central Committee of the CCP! 高平教授,伟大的作曲家!在 我的历史上,我的经过中,没有呢么人比他的创造性丰富; 尤其他最天才的作品,第一Cello Sonata 。 高平,我老战友,跟我在俄亥俄州辛辛那提成市读书,演出,给 我多少inspiration. 但是他的曲子在YouTube 还没发现,和我没有机会到新奇兰看他。。。老高!你在夏天回国呢? 听听他的最最短的接首。。。如果找到长例子的话,大众请指示! 他的简史 (我不批评,但是音乐家都用太多的别人[大名鼎鼎的]名字在他们的宣传中。。。对我来说,这方法有点讨厌,alors, 没办法, 我的简史也是这样): [Gao Ping’s Biography … Continue reading 特爱的作现代作曲家,高平 / Gao Ping, Beloved Modern Composer