Beijing Drum Tower/French Opera Mash-up

This summer in my adopted Beijing neighborhood on Jiugulou Dajie (Old Drum Tower Street), Danwei reported on an eviction of a popular fruit stand on account of having to clear the way for a #8 line subway station.  Well, the Douban group where this material was discussed  is, of course, wiped from the slate of memory. “呃…你想访问的页面不存在” heralds the age of the Chinese memory hole. … Continue reading Beijing Drum Tower/French Opera Mash-up

Windows on the Monolith

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the unseemingly and immense Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang has, finally, been adorned with windows: All hail the 150-day battle!  If it can finish the business that all started with the disastrous investments for the 1989 Youth Games, someone should be very pleased. However, the Herald reports that only one side of the building has thus far been completed, leaving … Continue reading Windows on the Monolith