Huanqiu Shibao on Ai Weiwei

[Update: A rather comprehensive analysis of Huanqiu’s Ai Weiwei coverage, as of April 8, can be found here via the scrupulous work of JustRecently.] Imagine my surprise, when, today, I opened my friendly neighborhood Huanqiu Shibao website only to find an article about detained artist Ai Weiwei right there in a very prominent position.  This latest one describes how German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been … Continue reading Huanqiu Shibao on Ai Weiwei

Extrembergsteiger: Inspiring Photo of the Day

Thanks to one of my blogging mentors at ROK Drop, I’ve come to understand the power of a single photo.  I doubt I’ll be anywhere near daily, but these two, from Der Spiegel’s regular (e.g., German-language) online magazine, of a couple of “Extrembergsteigern” (“extreme mountain climbers”) in the Alps bring inspiration to ever higher efforts, better intonation, elevated word counts, Brahmsian growth…. Continue reading Extrembergsteiger: Inspiring Photo of the Day

German Views of the PRC

Somehow Sunday and Monday have fused together as a single Teutonic-Sinological seismic entity. Ascribe it to living downtown, to having tens of thousands of real football fans course by one’s window, the sun shards glistening, the croissance of a new day, the blessedness of cynicism held back in a deep gorge somewhere distant and untouchable. And so one can dwell in Der Spiegel or Suddeutscher … Continue reading German Views of the PRC