Sino-Japanese Relations: The Sun Sets on a Bad Year

The end of the calendar year brings closure, of a sort, to the news cycle.  The (disorderly and American-style) marketing of mayhem and chaos awaits a new year. To remark, then, on a few tropes of Sino-Japanese Relations at the final aperture of 2010. The Japanese press, frustrated by Japan’s inadaquate response to the Diaoyutai/Sengaku Islands episode this past September, and aware that the Chinese … Continue reading Sino-Japanese Relations: The Sun Sets on a Bad Year

Questions for the Day

Generating questions should be the goal of more active blogging, practice of academic freedom, and production of scholarship.  So my first question is: Why the hell are all the links below in English?  Every single one. This is a serious problem which I intend to contemplate, and hopefully, to never repeat.  Anyway, please enjoy: What if Wen Jiabao came to the United States and no … Continue reading Questions for the Day