Strength and Sinophobia

Beijing and its great northeastern beyond — the vast and flooded expanses of Northeast China — are looming in my immediate future. T-minus five days.  Footsteps in Beijing, amid its blackened towers and crumbled hutongs, then on and up to Dongbei.  Glancing at Manchurian maps and graphed-out agendas of the movements of my troop and its deliverables, I feel thus as if it’s September 13, … Continue reading Strength and Sinophobia

Manchurian Brides in Japan

Yes, I’m aware that the title of this post is somewhat retro, and would be happy to change it if someone can convince me that this post on the Huanqiu BBS isn’t just a bit redolent of an earlier era.  Entitled 还有民族尊严吗?每年1万中国女孩嫁到日本 [“Do they still have racial pride?  Every year 10,000 Chinese girls are married off to Japan”), the story describes the patter of migration, … Continue reading Manchurian Brides in Japan