Post-Industrial Requiem {I}

Not requiem for a blog, fortunately.  After some nine days of nebulous nonsense, finally bolted from morasses multiple, the author has returned to seek the fulcrum, and — now to the point — seems to have found again the necromancy of production, though, sadly, not yet in the Asiatic mode.  But such prose shall have to suffice, so let it recommence with the more condensed … Continue reading Post-Industrial Requiem {I}

China’s Green Leap Forward?

The North Korean developments seem to have swallowed a great deal of my attention recently, but I remain committed to blasting out short essays on a handful of China-related topics which began earlier this summer.  And thus: The German sinologist Gerd Boesken roams the cities of Hamburg and Dusseldorf, dispensing much knowledge about China.  I was fortunate to attend his lecture in Hamburg this past July … Continue reading China’s Green Leap Forward?