Propagandizing Manchukuo

In the mid-1930s, the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo was heavily promoted not just in Japan, but in England, the United States, and Germany.  Japanese businesses sought foreign investment in Manchukuo, even if full-bore diplomatic recognition was not forthcoming.  There are many, many travelogues to Manchuria in the years from 1933-1937 which extol Japan’s efforts to cleanse Manchuria of bandits, organize rural communities, and promote … Continue reading Propagandizing Manchukuo

Rumblings on the Tumen

China has approved, yet again, an international development zone in the Tumen Delta.  Global Times reports (in English), as does CCTV. The Chinese government has approved a border development zone in the Tumen River Delta to boost cross-border cooperation in the Northeast Asian region, the provincial government of Jilin announced on Monday. The information office of the government said the pilot zone covering 73,000 square kilometers … Continue reading Rumblings on the Tumen