Chinese Pluck: Must-Read Material on ‘Jasmine Revolution’

Amid the bad news from Libya, one really needs to be keeping an eye on China and developments there. On February 21, a few abortive demonstrations were broken up by Chinese police, as reported by McClatchy and by Associated Press. The People’s Daily in Beijing basically argues that the Chinese people are too stupid to understand the confusion of information on the Internet and should … Continue reading Chinese Pluck: Must-Read Material on ‘Jasmine Revolution’

Parlous PRC Discourse and a Dose of Self-Criticism

As we all huff and puff and, through our links and writings, somehow imagine ourselves complicit in the blowing down of the house of Mubarak, perhaps a bit of self-criticism and cooling off is in order.  Esther Penbassa gets us started with a a scathingly self-critical essay on Rue89, reminding us that Egypt hardly needed Western sponsorship or rhetorical support to accomplish its task, and … Continue reading Parlous PRC Discourse and a Dose of Self-Criticism

On the Events in Egypt

I ride a train some mornings, hurtling south in darkness toward the port of Tacoma, past shadowed bridges, around fields glazed with frost, through tentative and unheard bird songs.  Today, for the first time this winter, the journey ended as a portent of a sunrise began to glow behind the mountain screen in the East. After the burning oil wells and wrenchingly uniform destruction of … Continue reading On the Events in Egypt

Egypt, China, and 1989

Prisms matter.  From which perspective are you watching the events in Cairo and across Egypt?  For myself, the vantage point this week has been Berlin, Germany, where the dominant hope, as the Berlin Taggesspiegel noted yesterday in a front page editorial, is that the Egyptian people will be able to establish a genuinely democratic regime.  Egypt as East Germany, 1989. In China the perspective espoused … Continue reading Egypt, China, and 1989