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Sharing the Seas

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East Asian modernity / Environmental Politics in East Asia

Since more than a few distinguished readers of this blog have expertise in matters dealing with fish and clean oceans in the Far East, and because environmental issues in East Asia are set to take center stage this year (Mount Paektu eruption, anyone?), I thought I might call your attention to an upcoming event: Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia:Challenges and Prospects // A Conference at George Washington University, March 4, 2011 Rationale: In Northeast Asia, […]

If China Did Something Right, Would Anyone Notice?

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American Foreign Policy / China / Environmental Politics in East Asia / U.S.-China Relations

Ever since the Amercian press corps wandered into dusty Yanan in the rumpled personage of a 30-year old named Edgar Snow in 1935, it seems that Western views of the Chinese Communist Party, and of China itself, have oscillated greatly.  At times, China and the West come into convergence as to how to view politics on the mainland.  In the late 1930s, both China and the non-Axis West (including the Soviet Union) viewed China as […]

Environmental Movements and the DPRK [II]

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American Foreign Policy / East Asian modernity / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations / US-North Korea relations

In an earlier post I went off the handle in Beat style and demanded that the U.S. and China get serious about both engaging and pressuring the North Koreans by focusing on environmental issues: Send Stephen Chu to pound on the table at the Six-Party Talks! Blast down the tunnels at the DMZ for joint seismic research!  Tag the tigers endangered and let them leap over the Tumen like ice-clawing journalists! Study roots in glass […]

European Press Roundup / Envisioning DPRK Environmental Movements

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Cultural Politics / East Asian modernity

Matthieu Mabin, Liberation’s intrepid reporter in Islamabad, reports on atomic scientist Abdul Khan in an article cleverly titled “Dr. Khan Again Becomes a Free Electron [Khan redevient un electron libre].”  One of the more interesting things about this brief article, which breaks no new ground in terms of Khan’s connections to North Korea, is Khan’s insistence of the patriotic value of his research.  It will be very interesting to see to what extent North Korea’s […]