Sharing the Seas

Since more than a few distinguished readers of this blog have expertise in matters dealing with fish and clean oceans in the Far East, and because environmental issues in East Asia are set to take center stage this year (Mount Paektu eruption, anyone?), I thought I might call your attention to an upcoming event: Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia:Challenges and Prospects // A Conference at … Continue reading Sharing the Seas

China and the Environment

The Copenhagen climate summit runs until December 18, and China has been publicly affirming its interest in the general principles which undergird the conference as a whole: climate change is here, it is sure to accellerate, and it should be viewed as a global threat against which international cooperation is necessarily deployed. Then we get into the nasty specifics. According to a dynamite article in … Continue reading China and the Environment

Hatoyama Fails to Pardon: Japanese Winter Whale Hunts Underway

While Americans are stuffing themselves with large quantities of bird meat (or, in my case, giant bowls of Vietnamese soup), another hunt for protein is on in Antarctic waters by Japanese ships.   The L.A. Times has an excellent blog post on this topic, dating from November 19. CNN covers the annual controversy from Tokyo in a 2008 report: Meanwhile, the American satirists Matt Parker and … Continue reading Hatoyama Fails to Pardon: Japanese Winter Whale Hunts Underway