Bookworming, Burrowing, Heralding Schumann’s Rebirth

On a cold-by-Sichuan-standard evening not long ago, I teamed up with composer-pianist Gao Ping to present two collections of character pieces by Robert Schumann to a fine audience of literati in Chengdu’s hub of print and chamber music culture, The Bookworm. Alas, no sound recordings were made, but we made short work of the Fantasiestucke as well as the Five Pieces in Folk Style, and … Continue reading Bookworming, Burrowing, Heralding Schumann’s Rebirth


Heinrich Heine and Robert Schumann are each like a giant mountain.  To climb either one, to survey and to know the whole output of either man is to stumble up a dream-slope matted with blood and struggle — impossibility!  Yet somehow, when placed simultaneously, in opposition, the mountains become easier to climb.  Heine’s poetry amply illuminates itself, but it also sheds beam after beam of … Continue reading Challenges