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Viewer Report: Fox News as Falun Gong

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3:27 a.m., Pacific Standard Time. Author sits sorting Korean War documents in the full brunt of the Fox News broadcast glow: exposure is thus achieved to the tail end of Glenn Beck, most of O’Reilly. No techno music or cello arpeggios to drown down the magnetism. Beck pastiche: Patriotic men profess attachment to no political party, stirring the masses toward a Christian nation.  Texan preachers near cotton fields demand return to founding father’s principals.  Old […]

Nazi Propaganda and Fox News

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In researching a previous post, I became curious about the following image used by Glenn Beck in his bizarre equation of President Obama’s health care legislation with Nazi eugenics policies: To summarize: Beck fought back tears as he related how this specific image caused him a great deal of personal pain, on the grounds that the hand of the disabled man in the Nazi poster reminded him of his daughter’s own hand. (As Beck revealed […]

Nazi Propaganda, East Asian Dictators, and Glenn Beck

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Today I spent some time leafing through a solemn black notebook filled with sketches made primarily in the stacks at the University of Washington Suzzalo Library, reminding myself that not all good research is immediately digitized. Sometimes it takes a few months before a certain concept can swim down to the bottom of one’s consciousness and take root.After all, in the intervening time between the initial scribble and the considered return, new experiences are had […]