Mémoire interdite: New Source on the Cultural Revolution in Tibet

This past few months in Chengdu and in my October foray into Tibet, I often found myself wondering where I could get more solid documentation on the impact of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet.  While the topic is not completely suppressed (appearing in truncated form in Party histories published in Tibet), it is, with out a doubt, submerged. Enter Woeser, the top-flight Tibetan blogger, author, … Continue reading Mémoire interdite: New Source on the Cultural Revolution in Tibet

US-China: Le Grand Refroidissement

Precisely one year ago, Le Monde asked in an uncharacteristically blaring headline: “US-Chine: Le Grande Refroidissement? [US-China: The Great Re-Freeze?]” Well, today that article appears to be rather prescient. From Taiwan to Google to the Dalai Lama to pending and present trade disputes, there is more than enough acrimony to go around. Perhaps this means that French journalism and commentary about East Asia generally, and … Continue reading US-China: Le Grand Refroidissement

Reports on North Korea (French Papers)

In his article of 27 May, Arnaude de La Grange, Beijing correspondent for the center-right Le Figaro put it best, addressing his article “to those for whom the grand nuclear and ballistic show has not passed too quickly.”  In other words, things are happening very fast with North Korea, and one cause for outrage or astonishment piles upon the next, diminishing even the expression of … Continue reading Reports on North Korea (French Papers)