Sinologistical Violoncellist China Media Review – Feb. 15, 2011

Today’s focus: Sino-North Korean relations, with tidbits about border security, a North Korean diplomatic visit to France, and the ongoing consequences of Mubarak’s fall in Northeast Asia. Link to the Video Corrections/Auto-critiques: At about 6:40, I mean “North Korean-French relations,” not “Sino-French relations”; a simple Chinese headline hog-ties my tongue; and the Midwestern all-purpose adjective (“interesting”) is entirely too ubiquitous.  Other than that, another day, … Continue reading Sinologistical Violoncellist China Media Review – Feb. 15, 2011

网民网民网民:Netizen Niblets from Huanqiu

It seems that Huanqiu Shibao’s headlines are increasingly drawing upon the angst and ardor of the “netizens,” or wang min / 网民 of China. Such as the top headline for the day, 环球网友正签名谴责美国对台军售, or “Huanqiu Netizens Sign a Petition Telling America to Cease Military Aid to Taiwan,” which drags one to a big new page indicating that Google was just kid stuff.  Now we seem … Continue reading 网民网民网民:Netizen Niblets from Huanqiu

10,000 Chinese Netizens Know Curtis Melvin, Google Earth North Korea

Amid the obligatory fury at the Chinese government for restricting the flow of information into China, it’s worth noting that articles like this one are increasing in prevalence: a Tianya translation of a CNN article about Andrei Lankov, Curtis Melvin, and the wonders of mapping North Korean gulags on Google Earth. According to statistics the article has been read over 10,000 times; let’s hope the … Continue reading 10,000 Chinese Netizens Know Curtis Melvin, Google Earth North Korea

The Yanan Spirit of Journalism

A few short days ago, Barack Obama was in Shanghai surfing on the edge of the Great Firewall of China, his calm demeanor belying the clangor he was re-initiating over Chinese censorship of the Web. Meanwhile, I was escaping from Seattle’s incessant rain, having stormed up the Sound and past the volcano draped in mists.  Hoisting instruments of both scholarship and music, I strode through … Continue reading The Yanan Spirit of Journalism

Germany Commemorates, China Forgets

The Chinese Communist Party seems intent on preventing any spillover from Europe’s orgy of commemorations of 1989. China Daily has featured just a small handful articles about German reunification in the last two months, including one about how one in eight former East Germans “wants the wall back.” In announcing the arrival of the rock band U2 in Berlin, China Daily yesterday noted, almost in … Continue reading Germany Commemorates, China Forgets

Hu Jintao 1984 = Hu Jintao 2009

For reasons which will be made clear to me only gradually, yesterday I managed to pull a 9-5 shift at the Bundesarchiv in Berlin.  I say “will gradually become clear” because most good archival visits are like making wine: one stamps through fields of grapes, leaving with pungeant feet and drunk on fumes, yet it takes months or years for the product to age properly … Continue reading Hu Jintao 1984 = Hu Jintao 2009

Update from Beijing

At the moment, Seattle, Paris, and Berlin are all in the rear-view miror; the author of Sinologistical Violoncellist has moved shop to Beijing, China. While many advantages accrue to one willing to take the journey to the People’s Republic, freedom of speech is not one of them. Sadly, my blog cannot be accessed in China, presumably on account of references to the dialogue around commemorations … Continue reading Update from Beijing