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China-Iran-Russia: Geopolitics and Soft Power

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Via Professor Juan Cole’s groundbreaking Informed Comment website, an illustrated commentary on Sino-Iranian relations by Pepe Escobar in France (in English): Then, via Al Jezeera’s English service, a short report on China’s Iran moves in October: The best look at the deep structure of Sino-Iran relations today is probably my colleague John Garver’s work, Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World, published here in Seattle at the University of Washington Press in 2006. Finally, the Politics […]

Inner Dialogue

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Summer, the era of the self, is over, and the academic year begins.  Narcissus goes into hiding in a cave by the border, lurking, perhaps to infiltrate one’s apartment in the wee hours when the cops have stopped cruising.  The docks and harbors in Tacoma undulate with aimless slow motion, train whistles echo, and the museums of downtown collide up against one’s vision, testament to past human aspiration that now stands grounded firmly upon earth. […]

Brooklyn’s Man in D.C. / Reflections on the Controversial Art

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Representative Anthony Weiner, a Democrat, represents part of the borough of Brooklyn in the U.S. House of Representatives.  His remarks in committee bring great and welcome clarity on obstruction of the health reforms currently progressing through Congress.    These clips have nothing to do with China or East Asian studies, but being back in the United States brings the political subject to mind!  And, from a performance perspective, Rep. Weiner’s delivery is quite effective.   […]