Octotonic Teuton Remix // 为记得柏林墙的说唱歌

rimer, verb intransitive, to  rhyme.  Rimer avec = to rhyme with //[German] sich reimen… Steam on black monuments when again the Wall tumbled//Sleep-garbled China ripped her clock from the wall// repetition stains on that blunt blade of loyalty // Punished recollection, fueled by smog. Now Dances with Pandas says//that superpowers newly so minted//by opinion surveys twiddled in with idle digits envisioned // and fueled by … Continue reading Octotonic Teuton Remix // 为记得柏林墙的说唱歌

Postwar Meditation: Berlin/Tokyo

Postwar is post-nothing: it is the beginning of something.   “Ach!”, trained instinct cries, “but what of ‘tragen’, to carry heavy burdens, of its simple past  trug?  Do not ponderous and blackened memories determine future projections?”  No {we say, affected with blithe mannerisms}, because the burdens have been bombed away.  Digs, belongings, spouses, families, pensions: the war wiped it all away, and one has to begin … Continue reading Postwar Meditation: Berlin/Tokyo