Chinese Aid to Flood-Hit Areas in North Korea

The PRC’s National Day (1 October) celebrations were muted in Pyongyang, but they did provide an opportunity for Li Jinjun, the Chinese Ambassador to North Korea, to make a few remarks. Reading the rhetoric for such occasions is often not terribly useful; North Korean speakers are not there to announce a change in bilateral policy, nor is their purpose to reveal much of anything by … Continue reading Chinese Aid to Flood-Hit Areas in North Korea

Sunday Links: Korea

1. Joshua Stanton’s analysis of Sino-North Korean relations on One Free Korea is stuffed with things worth thinking about.  Of course, when he equates the Global Times with the Nazi organ Voelkische Beobachter, I, speaking as someone who actually reads the Global Times (usually in its Chinese version, not through partial characterizations of articles by Reuters or AFP or South Korean papers) as well as … Continue reading Sunday Links: Korea

Curfews in Hoeryong

The new Good Friends report is now available.  At a time when Kim Jong Il is said to be revving up for a trip to the PRC prior to an April 9 congress in Pyongyang, it’s worth noting that lawlessness in Sino-North Korean border areas is on the rise.  See this dispatch from Hoeryong, on the border with Yanbian: Hoeryong, “Do not roam around unnecessarily … Continue reading Curfews in Hoeryong

March 1 Commemorations in the DPRK

Given the documented backlash against their disastrous currency revaluation of November 30, 2009, one would imagine that the Korean Workers’ Party leadership in Pyongyang would want to avoid open mention, much less endorsement, of loosely organized mobs of citizens demanding freedom from tyranny. Yet occasionally, the calendar imposes its own sort of tyranny, forcing the Party into contortions which, in the end, are better than … Continue reading March 1 Commemorations in the DPRK

News from the Border Zone

The latest Good Friends report describes how things are tightening up significantly in the northeastern DPRK city of Hoeryong, snug up against the Chinese border: Heoryung, All-out Effort on Cracking Down of Drug Trafficking and Border Crossing On November 5, Hoeryung City in North Hamgyong Province held a community meeting of Osan Dong Residents. The purpose is to reinforce mass political propaganda as increasing number … Continue reading News from the Border Zone

Correcting the Record on News from the Border Zone

Justification Regular sources of information from the Chinese-North Korean border zone are difficult to come by. The Daily NK is one of the more abundant, and apparently reliable sources, that Western readers have at our disposal. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, few researchers have noted crucial discrepancies between reports filed in Chinese and the English language-version which most people read in the West. Just for reminders: … Continue reading Correcting the Record on News from the Border Zone

Fistfuls of Chinese Earth, Breaths of Conspiracy, Fusillades of Propaganda

The Laura Ling/Euna Lee editorial has been partially translated and passed along, virtually without commentary or analysis, on the Daily NK’s Chinese website, which is accessible in China. And the headline is, of course, “we were grabbed from Chinese territory.”   (This has an especially potent ring in Chinese, I might add: “从中国领土抓走,” evoking something sacred about the territory in a nationalist discourse which is the … Continue reading Fistfuls of Chinese Earth, Breaths of Conspiracy, Fusillades of Propaganda