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North Korea and China’s Response to the UN Commission of Inquiry Report

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North Korea has ever been the subject of journalistic inquiry, but in the past couple of years things seem to have hit a kind of new high point. Likewise, public consciousness in the US and Western Europe of the importance of Pyongyang’s relationship with China seems also to have taken a major leap forward. So what happens when a United Nations special report on North Korean human rights emerges, and China is implicated heavily in the document? […]

Three Recent Speeches on U.S.-China Relations

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American Foreign Policy / China / U.S.-China Relations

Jon Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador to the PRC, delivers the Oksenberg-Barnett Lecture in Shanghai, 6 April 2011, sponsored by the NCUSCR (National Committee on U.S.-China Relations): Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, delivers the first Richard Holbrooke Lecture at the State Department in Washington, D.C., on 15 January 2011 (speech starts in earnest at 5:30): Joseph Biden, U.S. Vice President, opens the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue forum in Washington, D.C., 9 May 2011:

10,000 Chinese Netizens Know Curtis Melvin, Google Earth North Korea

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East Asian modernity / North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations

Amid the obligatory fury at the Chinese government for restricting the flow of information into China, it’s worth noting that articles like this one are increasing in prevalence: a Tianya translation of a CNN article about Andrei Lankov, Curtis Melvin, and the wonders of mapping North Korean gulags on Google Earth. According to statistics the article has been read over 10,000 times; let’s hope the current dispute doesn’t potentially rob all 344 million Chinese internet […]

Chinese Foreign Ministry: Sweden’s Brazen Gambit Exposed to Interfere in China’s Internal Affairs

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China / Chinese nationalism / EU-East Asia relations

Sweden, a country that really knows a little something about assimilation of Turkic and Arab peoples, recently had the temerity to criticize the People’s Republic of China for executing five (5) nine (9) Uighurs who had been accused of fomenting the violence of this past July 2009.  Sweden is presently holding down the Presidency of the European Union and one of its particularly distinguished professors, Per Svastik, is a visiting professor of human rights at […]

North Korea News Roundup

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Almost exactly one year to the day from his election, Barack Obama now has a point man for a controversial arm of his North Korea policy.   Robert King, nominated as Obama’s Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights Issues, a position created by the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004, had a hearing on November 5 for Senator John Kerry’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee. King’s prepared statement for the committee is available here; […]

Dana Rohrabacher vs. Selig Harrison

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North Korea / Op-Ed / US-North Korea relations

North Korea analyst Selig Harrison, an “old North Korea hand” if there ever was one, the closest thing this country has to an oracle as regards the North Koreans, has got a few facts to share with the rest of us.  To the extent he has a primary “bias,” it seems to be a desire to accelerate and facilitate a process of North Korean opening up and reform.  Harrison has got decades of experience dealing […]

Refugees Flowing Into Yunnan from Myanmar

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Apropos of yesterday’s posting on James Webb and Myanmar-China relations, Chinese newspapers report that between 10,000 and 30,000 refugees have crossed the rugged border from Myanmar into China. This was an area of real instability for the PRC, not incidentally, at the same time as the Korean War was ongoing. Estimates of more than 100,000 anti-communist guerillas roamed this borderland (with U.S. aid of course) in opposition to communist rule in 1951. The campaign to […]