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Im Dienst des Diktators: English Translation [3]

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East Asian modernity / EU-East Asia relations / German / North Korea

Chapter 4 of North Korean defector Kim Jong Ryul’s memoir is entitled “Im Wunderbare DDR [In the Marvelous German Democratic Republic],” and is probably in fact the most fascinating chapter in the book. ¬†Continuing now with the translation from Im Dienst des Diktators (previous episodes can be accessed here): Chapter 4 “In the Marvelous German Democratic Republic” Shrill and loud, the merchant on the train platform was hawking golden fruit, and Kim Jong Ryul’s interest […]

Im Dienst des Diktators: Translation [2] — The Korean War Years

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German / North Korean border region / US-North Korea relations / War Crimes

Having now read a bit more than half of the new memoir/expose by former North Korean arms dealer Kim Jong Ryul, I wanted to share a few more thoughts about the book and translate another portion of the text. Although the book is getting attention for its detailed description of DPRK purchases in Vienna and the German-speaking world, not so many Anglophone commentators seem to care for the really Korean aspects of this story. Kim […]

Im Dienst des Diktators: English Translation [1]

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EU-East Asia relations / German / North Korea

Not long ago, a new high-profile North Korean defector emerged with a tell-all memoir of intrigue in Vienna and Austria, which was covered on this blog via an exclusive translation of an interview with the author.¬† Unfortunately, so far as I know, no plans exist to render this memoir — a new (and potentially vital) source of information — into English.¬† Thus I am pleased to bring you the first installment in what I hope […]