Locking Down Beijing [II]

Philippe Grangereau, Liberation’s insightful envoy in China, recently published another fascinating dispatch from Beijing.  On 24 September, underneath a striking photo of Chinese policemen in black training large German shepherds on a blocked-off street in Beijing, Grangereau lays out a somewhat stunning portrait of the capital city: Philippe Grangereau, “Beijing: Forbidden City [Pékin, cité interdite: Le Parti a fait boucler la capitale en prévision d’éventuelles … Continue reading Locking Down Beijing [II]

Hu Jintao 1984 = Hu Jintao 2009

For reasons which will be made clear to me only gradually, yesterday I managed to pull a 9-5 shift at the Bundesarchiv in Berlin.  I say “will gradually become clear” because most good archival visits are like making wine: one stamps through fields of grapes, leaving with pungeant feet and drunk on fumes, yet it takes months or years for the product to age properly … Continue reading Hu Jintao 1984 = Hu Jintao 2009

Update from Beijing

At the moment, Seattle, Paris, and Berlin are all in the rear-view miror; the author of Sinologistical Violoncellist has moved shop to Beijing, China. While many advantages accrue to one willing to take the journey to the People’s Republic, freedom of speech is not one of them. Sadly, my blog cannot be accessed in China, presumably on account of references to the dialogue around commemorations … Continue reading Update from Beijing