Democratic/Thought Reform in Tibet

Man liveth not by links alone, but I did want to make note that, as of Labor Day, this blog will very likely be turning its attentions with greater regularity toward the issue of Tibet and its historical relations with the (maternal and adoptive, or coercive and abusive? but unquestionably Chinese) motherland. These attentions will likely take the form of broader pedagogical inquiries, guest posts … Continue reading Democratic/Thought Reform in Tibet

Bertold Brecht in North Korea

Well, more like Brecht for North Korea.  North Koreans may need Bibles, but no less, they need the acidic and informed spite, the angular mockery of state power which is offered by the German dramatist and writer Bertold Brecht and, to a lesser but perhaps more visceral degree, the poison-penned irony of Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich. So with ambitions to get this translated into Korean … Continue reading Bertold Brecht in North Korea